I have been interested in the Maltese for many years, and began breeding Maltese back in 1992. I breed on a limited basis as my Maltese are more than just my business, they are my pets . My puppies are raised with love and care. They are socialized with children and adults.


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  When taking you new puppy home you will be given a list of instructions and suggestions on crating , bedding, socializing, and be given veterinarian information. You will be given food with instructions on the type and how to feed your pet.

  Maltese are a breed of strong genetics and are relatively free of many of the serious diseases that can cause death. With good Veterinary care your pet should grow and live a long healthy life.

   Keep those ears clean. In dropped eared dogs you have to keep them free of excess hair and wax. If pet starts shaking their head, leaning their head to one side, scratching ears, or a dark smell secretion appears you should clean ears well, check to see if red or swollen if so you should take pet to the Veterinarian.

    Keep those nails cut short. A good time to trim nails is just before a bath. Try not to cut the quic (pink part of nail). If this happens use a styptic Powder to stop bleeding.

    Puppies will be teething with most of their teeth coming in by the time you bring your little bundle of joy home. Sometimes puppies retain their baby teeth, especially the canines, so when you get your pet neutered/spayed have the Veterinarian extract what is left over.

    Some eye stain may occur during this teething period. Do not be alarmed as some Maltese stain more then others, there are ways to stop it. Excess tearing can be caused by a yeast infection, blocked tear ducts, ear infections, genetics, irritation and allergies. Instructions are given when you pick up your pet in case staining starts.

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